Social Influencer Campaign for OLDTOWN™ White Coffee

Talent Booked: 15

Collective Reach (Actual Reach): 185,204

Actual Impressions: 224,989

Engagement rate: 9.1%

Campaign Background

OLDTOWN™ White Coffee worked with I Search Marketing to manage and execute its social influencer campaign to drive its

brand interaction and emotional connection with its target audiences, nationally.


White Coffee originates from Ipoh, Malaysia, and pioneered the world-famous White Coffee. Established in 1958, OLDTOWN™ has a long history of providing people with the delicious aromatic white coffee. The convenient individual serving sachets were introduced in 1999 for all to prepare their favourite white coffee at home or in the office.

Campaign Objectives

  • Enhance brand awareness       
  • Drive engagement and brand interaction;
  • Drive target audience’s emotional
  • connection with OLDTOWN™ White Coffee
  • Create Top of Mind (TOM) brand recall while in store
  • Focus on OLDTOWN™ White Coffee 3in1 Less Sugar 525g which is a key product that the brand would like to push the sales for in Australia market

Influencers Tasks

  • Take a photo enjoying OLDTOWN™ White Coffee  
  • Communicate a key message to the target audience, which is a true white coffee brand that gives you the experience of relaxation and indulgence 
  • Publish their image and ad copy on their Instagram account

Campaign Uniqueness

  • As the brand is originated from Malaysia and its main target audience in Australia are Asians, therefore the influencers we sourced and organised for this campaign are Chinese and Asian background influencers     
  • I Search Marketing is the first agency in Australia that leverages Asian background influencers on Instagram to deliver a social influencer campaign

Our Services

Recruit influencers

For this campaign, I Search Marketing recruited 2 types of influencers: 

1) Micro influencers (2,000 – 30,000 followers) 

2) Macro influencers (30,000 – 250,000 followers)

Gift box design & production

I Search Marketing also assisted with creating & sending the branded gift box to the influencers with a greeting card.

Campaign management

Managing briefing process with influencers and gaining high-quality content that OLDTOWN™ White Coffee could share on their own social channels, as well as creating a buzz around the brand and products on social media. 

If you have a product to launch or need some assistance executing an epic campaign, I Search Marketing offers a full managed service experience, including an end to end strategy, select & screen suitable influencers, brief, management of execution (including sending products) & reporting. 

If you would like to know more about this service, please get in contact: [email protected]

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