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We started helping clients connect with multicultural audiences since 2016

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We provide full services with a deep understanding of multicultural insights, including strategy, bold creative, media planning and activation.

Reach Capacity

We can reach 90% of multicultural audiences (in 51 languages) via a mix of media channels more efficiently and cost-effectively for our clients.

Result-driven Approach

We're result-driven with a deep understanding of campaign performance data and how to interprete and utilize these data to achieve better marketing performance.

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We can help brands & businesses reach:

  • Long-term Residents
  • International Students
  • Multicultural Millennials & Youth
  • Multicultural Business Owners
  • Affluent Multicultural Audiences
  • International Travellers

Top 10 languages our clients target

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Our Services

We develop and execute national and international advertising campaigns that will get you noticed.


Every great advertising campaign starts with a fitting strategy. We combine culturally adapted digital marketing strategy with cutting-edge advertising technology, and industry best practices, culminating in impactful results for our clients.


Leveraging our profound comprehension of multicultural audience insights, we craft culturally adapted artworks and landing page that forge strong emotional connections with diverse audiences, which effectively bolster the campaign strategies to achieve impressivet results.


We develop the most suitable media strategy and distribute and place the advertisements across a mix of media channels. With the advanced advertising technology we implement, we ensure the ad campaigns reach target audience more efficiently and cost-effectively.


We offer a full-managed influencer marketing services, including an end to end strategy, select & screen suitable candidates, briefing, project management and reporting. The social platforms we cover: Instagram, TikTok and Little Redbook.

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