Top 5 benefits of advertising on social media

Nowadays, social media is one of the most popular online media channels to get a brand’s name out there, to promote a product, a special offer or an event. It is also a great way to interact and engage with your potential and loyal customers.



As one of the programmatic media buying platforms, social media is a powerful tool when used the correct way. Based on our experience, there are top 5 benefits of utilising social media that you could consider before running your next advertising campaign:


  • It is all about your target audience:

Clients always ask me “are my target audience on social media?”

I will always ask back “who particularly you would like to communicate to?”

It is important that at the planning stage, you understand who your target audience are? If you can find them on social media?

Traditionally, when advertisers post a print ad on a newspaper or magazine, we just hope the person who needs the product will see the ad.

With social media platform, you no longer need to guess where you could find your target audience and if they would see the ad. We guarantee your target audience will see the ad! This must thank the audience data segmentation technology that social media platform offers.

At planning stage of any campaign, we will help our clients understand how many of your target audience are active on a particular social media. The estimated reach of audience will be based on your target audience’s demographic profile, location, interests etc. A suitable media budget can be allocated more effectively based on the estimated reach.


  • Flexibility:

Social media platform offers flexibility that traditional media can never offer.

Here is an example – we were running a social campaign for a client, after launched one week, we realised the ad copy was a bit too long and it affects audience’s experience. Therefore, we changed ad copy to a concise version and the readability improved immediately.

Besides, from operation’s perspective, from production of artworks & ad copy to launching a new campaign on social media, the whole process is flexible for advertisers to create the most appealing ad to the target audience.


  • Better customer experience

As I mentioned in benefit 1, because of the targeted approach, your ad will be served to target audience who will find the ad are relevant to them.

In addition, social media provides a stage for advertisers to better engage their audience.

No matter when you want to be touchy with your ad copy, or be creative with graphic design or video artwork, social media platform is the right place where provides the opportunity to enable your customers take their time read, watch and interact with your ad.


  • Better insights:

With traditional media, you hardly understand how many audience have seen your ad, how many times they have seen your ad, who have seen your ad, how engaging the audience are with your ad etc. Without understanding of these metrics, it is difficult for advertisers to improve on creatives, messaging as well as overall strategy.

Social media platform offers you the capacity not only to target your ideal prospects, but also to understand the campaign performance. The platform collects and shares data points that are meaningful to your campaign. With the analytics, you will be able to gauge quickly the effectiveness of your campaign and quickly shift courses if needed without too much effort or cost.


  • Cost effective:

Some people would say, running social media ad is more expensive than a print ad on a local newspaper (we are not talking about a A4 print ad on SMH here). But if we look at it from another angle, it is all about effectiveness, then we would think differently.

Due to the targeted approach, when the ad is only served to your target audience, the cost you spent on media become more effective and wastage of media is minimised.

On the other hand, the more engaging your audience are, the better result of a campaign will be. When you choose a suitable social media for a campaign, which can reach and engage your target audience, the cost effectiveness will be much higher than traditional forms of media that you are not sure about the performance.


Our clients who have utilised social media for advertising campaigns, all realised how effective this channel is. As a professional media agency, we always give our clients the most suitable advice on campaign strategy, creative strategy, communication strategy and budget allocation. Please reach out to us if you would like to understand more about how we help our clients grow.