Programmatic Media

Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic Media Buying for SMEs

Programmatic media buying is a cost-efficient way to run an advertising campaign for SMEs. You can plan your advertising campaign by targeting different parameter. Programmatic media buying also have the ability to layer these parameters with behavioural or audience data e.g. geographical targeting, audience segments, demographics, particular website.

Benefits of Programmatic Buying

Automated media planning through advertising networks. Buyers can leverage third party data to optimize the campaign towards the sites/audience segments generates better results e.g. online booking, online purchase or time on page.

Programmatic ad impressions are totally purchased through exchanges and ad-networks, thousands of website are providing these inventory(impressions). This gives you the access to millions or even billions of impressions. This means your ad can appear in front of the right audience at the right time, but not on a particular site.

Programmatic buying also allows you to purchase impressions cross-device and multi-channels. e.g. your ad will be shown on desktop, mobile and video to the same audience across different sites.


We can tailor a display strategy according to your needs. We can help you to achieve your goals by utilising dynamic banner ad messaging, third-party data integration, audience segmentation, rich media and retargeting.


Utilising Facebook and Twitter platform to create highly targeted social campaigns with intelligent reporting and analytics. We can help you to develop a social media strategy to enhance your brand awareness and potentially attract new leads.


We can help you to create incremental reach through mobile advertising, we will have the ability to optimise the campaign for you by comparing different placements, browsers and devices.


Finding the right audience at the right time. Your campaign will be optimised towards to different audience segments and only pay for complete view.