Topline programmatic ethnic marketing campaign strategy

Below are some of the most effective targeting that allows advertisers to target ethnic/Chinese consumers.

Audience Targeting

Utilize audience data to ensure campaign ad accurately reach campaign target audience by their demographic data as well as interest and keywords data

Targeted Messaging

Utilize targeted messaging to concisely communicate campaign details with target audience; Good advertorial writing skills and eye catching design to ensure target audience are engaged

Location targeting

Utilize geo-location data to target audience who are based on their location on both their desktop and mobile devices.

Digital Media Channels

Utilize a combination of multiple digital media channels to reach and communicate with campaign target audience effectively and cost-efficiently

Utilize digital advertising technology to efficiently reach target audience, spread out the words and increase awareness about this campaign within target audience;

Utilize digital advertising technology to effectively re-engage target audience who have previously engaged with the ads and showed interests towards the campaign – this will largely increase audience engagement as well as increase transaction volume;

Utilize digital advertising technology (i.e. geo-targeting) to effectively and cost-efficiently communicate information of this campaign to local target audience and Chinese tourists who travelled to those destinations

For retail stores with the above strategies I Search Marketing(Australian Ethnic Marketing Agency) can help advertisers to drive people into participating stores, drive conversion to sales & Increase volume of transactions in order to achieve campaign objectives cost-effectively

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