What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a new format of programmatic media, which allow advertiser to place their brand content into a 3rd party environment, embedding our content in the context of a user’s experience in a format and style that matches the site for seamless readability and increased engagement.

There are 3 different formats of native advertisement in

– In-feed units
– Recommendation widgets
– Custom placements

Native advertising platform like Outbrain, Taboola and Yahoo Gemini can allow advertiser to share their content on premium sites like The New York Times, The Guardian and The Sydney Morning Herald through to social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Native advertising is important part of your content marketing strategy

Native advertising placements support brands organic content marketing activities by allowing brands to amplify the best content to reach a larger proportion of advertisers target audience.

By publishing a credible piece of content that addresses an audience need within a trusted environment, native advertising strategy helps brands to create a direct connection that builds reputation, and over time increases consideration and propensity to recommend your brand.

Native Ads