The Future of Ethnic Marketing – Programmatic Media Buying

Ethnic marketing has been around for 30 years now, it’s especially popular in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

These countries are the most multicultural countries in the world. Therefore, communicating with ethic groups in their language become a very important marketing task for brands or even for different government bodies.

In Australia, take Chinese market as an example, the media tactics for brands are still very traditional, large amount of budget goes into paper, magazine, radio or Chinese pay-tv. These are very inefficient way to reach this ethnic group. If you walk around Chinatown, you can see free papers and magazines everywhere and no one even picks them up. Radio and PayTV are reaching less and less audience, as all forms of contents are much easier to access through digital channels, especially smart phones.

big data marketing

With programmatic buying, brands will have the ability to identify audience’s ethnic background by looking into their login details and browsing history.  Along with other targeting, e.g. demo, geo targeting, interest targeting, and in-marketing behaviour. All these data points can help us to create tailored message for different target audience. Target audience, therefore, will be more engaged with the brands.

Multiple channels also allow brands to be more creative with their creatives. Video can play a role on generating brand awareness. Social can be the channel to have dialogue with brands’ target audience. Or even with the help of dynamic retargeting, banner ads can act very effectively as conversion point.

The future of ethnic marketing is already here!

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