Topline programmatic ethnic marketing campaign strategy

Below are some of the most effective targeting that allows advertisers to target ethnic/Chinese consumers. Audience Targeting Utilize audience data to ensure campaign ad accurately reach campaign target audience by their demographic data as well as interest and keywords data Targeted Messaging Utilize targeted messaging to concisely communicate campaign details with target audience; Good advertorial[…]

How can native advertising to help you to reach your ethnic audiene?

Programmatic advertising with native advertising can provide you a poweful digital marketing solutions. There are large number of media companies who are helping advertiser to provide a better mobile user experience and also offer their audience better user experience through different screens. The adjustment of providing audience with better mobile experience is very important, as 68%[…]

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a new format of programmatic media, which allow advertiser to place their brand content into a 3rd party environment, embedding our content in the context of a user’s experience in a format and style that matches the site for seamless readability and increased engagement. There are 3 different formats of native advertisement in –[…]


网络精准行销联盟投放解决方案带给品牌的价值 最近我们走访了很多客户,最常听到的客户的问题是,”网络精准行销联盟投放与传统的网络媒体广告有哪些区别呢?”  我想是时候写一篇文章向大家详细介绍,这一新型且有效的网络行销手段。 在最近一份的调查报告中显示,75%的市场行销人员表示,他们将在未来的12个月中提高对网络精准行销联盟投放 (programmatic media buying)的预算。为什么不呢?这一突破性的解决方案带给品牌营销的好处是显而易见的。而这一解决方案早已广泛的被绩效营销专家应用多年。

Programmatic Video Advertising – Current Trend and Statistics

Online Video Content has become one of the most important form of content for online publishers. There are more and more businesses start using programmatic video online advertising to engage with their audiences. Study has shown that digital video advertisement has higher engagement and brand recall. In 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be[…]

iSearch Marketing 网络广告精准投放解决方案

随着越来越多的华人移民澳洲,中文已成为澳洲的第二大官方语言。随着这一变化,在澳洲,越来越多的商家开始关注华人市场带来的商机。如果您的产品的主要消费者群体是华人消费者的话,请一定要把握这个极好的机会。 网络广告精准行销(Programmatic Media Buying),是一种近年来被各大广告商,网站以及国外主流媒体所推崇的新型网络广告投放方式。这种广告投放方式是以大数据为根本,以先进的网络平台技术为依托,结合实时竞价与网路用户精准定位,所发展出的新型网络广告投放方式。

The Future of Ethnic Marketing – Programmatic Media Buying

Ethnic marketing has been around for 30 years now, it’s especially popular in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia. These countries are the most multicultural countries in the world. Therefore, communicating with ethic groups in their language become a very important marketing task for brands or even for different government bodies. In Australia, take Chinese[…]